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October 05, 2021

CROSSNET is a combination of the childhood game four square, elevated into the air with intersecting volleyball nets (hence: CROSSNET). Players keep the ball alive by using one hit only to get the ball over the net. If the bal...

CROSSNET Featured on Failory
CROSSNET Co-Founder Chris Meade sat down with Failory.

January 17, 2020

The Game Your PE Class Needs - Physical Education game
Do you need a new game for your gym class? CROSSNET is action packed and students love it. Read more about CROSSNET in over 3,000 gym classes nationwide.

November 15, 2019

CROSSNET Featured on Forbes
CROSSNET Co-Founder Chris Meade, sat down with Elaine Pofeldt writer for Forbes.

November 15, 2019

CROSSNET Featured on Kivo Daily
Jourdain Bell, journalist for Kivo Daily, recently sat down with the Chris Meade to discuss the creation of CROSSNET and how the sport has grown since launch in 2017. Below you'll find a few of our favorite segments from the si...

November 14, 2019

CROSSNET Featured on Future Sharks
The entire CROSSNET team was interviewed by Future Sharks about CROSSNET.

November 14, 2019

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