how to play

How to Play


The court is divided into four squares.


Square 4 serves from out of bounds diagonally to square 2.


Whoever misplays is eliminated and returns to square 1.


When a player in squares 1-3 misplays, square 4 gets a point. Games go to 11 points, win by 2.

Rules of the Game

Four players choose a square 1-4. To start, the player in the 4th square serves diagonally to the 2nd. From there, the game is live, and the 2nd square can return the ball to any square. Players protect their square with only one hit. The goal is to get to the 4th square and score 11 points. In order to get to the 4th square, you will need to eliminate your friends by landing the ball in their square and rotating clockwise when a player is out. The 4th square is the only place you can score points and a player keeps their points when eliminated.

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5 Minute Setup

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Tips for New Players

1. Quickly designate who will begin in the 4th square. 2. Serve the ball gently to land the ball into the 2nd square (not a time to flex your muscles). 3. It typically makes sense to try to eliminate the player with the most points. 4. Going after the weakest player is a sure-fire way to score some points.