Indoor CROSSNET Set Up - How to Set Up the Indoor-Outdoor Bundle

This serves as a handy guide on how to use the indoor base set to play CROSSNET indoors. 


The indoor base set includes:

4 x hollow plastic base

4 x fixed shaft

4 x inlet cap

4 x outlet cap

4 x tension strings

4 x sand-bags


To Assemble the Indoor-Outdoor CROSSNET:

1. Remove fixed shaft from empty base.

2. Insert bottom steel tube through the empty base.

3. Slide circular fix shaft over the steel tube and tighten.

4. Remove top cap & fill with water or sand. Close cap shut. 

5. Repeat for all 4 bases.

6. Position bases in position on court. Clip in steel tubes.

7. Slip the sleeve of the net over each tube and clip the tension string from the top pole to the base.

8. Tighten all 4 tension strings with buckle adjuster.

9. Attach both inside boundaries from base to base.

10. Fill corner sand-bags with sand. Attach corner boundary to bases and pull sand bag to corner. 

 If you have any questions please email us at or reach us on twitter at @crossnetgame


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Is there a video that shows indoor assembly?

  • Candice