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How Three Friends Created The World’s Fastest Growing Backyard Game

Three childhood friends from Woodstock, CT have invented the world’s first four way volleyball game! Back in 2017 it was all just a dream and a drawing on a piece of paper, flash forward 4 years later and CROSSNET is being enjoyed in over 100,000 homes nation wide.

CROSSNET is a combination of the childhood game four square, elevated into the air with intersecting volleyball nets (hence: CROSSNET). Players keep the ball alive by using one hit only to get the ball over the net. If the ball lands in your square you are eliminated. Players only score when they serve from the 4th square (aka. The King Square). Games are played to 11 and you must win by 2.



Mom and dad this one is for you! Tired of seeing your child glued to Tik Tok or Fortnight? Want them to go back outside like when we were kids. I don’t blame you. CROSSNET has helped solve this. Set up in just 5 minutes in your backyard, or take it to the beach and see how many new friends you make!

“Because I made the decision to purchase my daughter her very own CROSSNET, I was finally able to get her off of screens and out of the house. She’s made so many more friends this year and it’s fun being the “cool mom” “ - Robin Curry 

Did we mention, the game is 100% height adjustable. Simply remove one pole to drop it from men’s volleyball to women’s height, and two poles to children’s height. 

Children's CROSSNET Game


“The perfect game for all ages! We take CROSSNET to the beach all the time and it’s a great time to get competitive and break a sweat before a swim. I love bringing it to the park and teaching my three sons (15, 8, and 6) how to play volleyball.” - Donald Suxho, USA Olympian 2004, 2012 

Children in school are going nuts when CROSSNET is added to their curriculum. The four way volleyball sensation is now being played in over 10,000 schools and is a staple in parks & rec centers like the YMCA. Chris Danforth, Woodstock Elementary, gym teacher says “My kids can’t get enough of it. It used to be that they always wanted to play basketball and now I can’t get them to want to do anything but play CROSSNET. It’s a win-win for everyone. The kids are engaged, developing hand eye coordination and volleyball skills and I can take it inside or outside with ease.”

Looking for an early holiday gift? Look no further than CROSSNET H20, their revolutionary take on reinventing pool sports. All the same CROSSNET action, now just in the pool. A sure way to get everyone off their towel and into the water.

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