How Do You Play CROSSNET?

How do you play CROSSNET?

With a mix of four square and volleyball, the game is easy to play!

The CROSSNET divides the court into four equal squares. The squares are arbitrarily numbered 1, 2, 3, & 4.  The objective of the players is to get into the 4th square and stay! Each volley a player stays in the 4 square he or she will receive a point. 

To start play, one player enters each of the squares. The player in the 4th square is in the highest ranked square and has the ability to score points.  The player in the 4th square begins game play by serving diagonally to the player in the 2nd square. The player in the 2nd square cannot spike directly off the serve, he or she must return the ball to any square.

Players volley the ball back and forth over the CROSSNET until someone makes  a mistake. Mistakes can include:

1.) Missing or misplaying a ball that lands in you square

2.) Hitting the ball too hard out of play

3.) Hitting the ball twice

The player who makes a mistake is eliminated and returns to the lowest ranked square. All other players rotate clockwise to the higher ranked squares.

If the player in the 4th square stays, he or she earns a point. If the player in the 4th square is eliminated, he or she must exit the 4th square and re-enter through the lowest ranked square.  Players keep their points as they are eliminated. 

Games are played to 11, win by 2.

If you have any questions about how to play or rules, reach out!

CROSSNET can be played indoors or outside!




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What are the dimensions of this game? What is the recommended amount of space to set up and play?


I’m a PE Teacher and coach. Any chance this is suitable for indoor play as well?

Tina Vera

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