Richard Matthews, the host of The Hero Show, sat down with Chris Meade to discuss what entrepreneurial super powers he brings to the world. Matthews sits down with business owners to peak behind the masks of modern day super heroes. What makes them tick? What are their super powers? Their worst enemies? What's their kryptonite? And who are their personal heroes?

Here’s just a taste of what we talked about today:

  • The importance of maintaining a high level of care for employees, especially for small businesses.
  • It’s a scary feeling to trust other people on the internet to help but entrepreneurs must focus on their zone of genius and hire help for other tasks.
  • Only do what only you can do.
  • When the, then newly-invented, CROSSNET was brought to the beach for the first time, Chris knew they had hit something big.
  • Be very patient when starting out a company because you may not see profit right away.
  • Entrepreneurs are actively working to make the world a better place with their products and services.
  • Fighting for customers to have fun!

Take a listen to the full podcast here -

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