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CROSSNET Coming to a School Near You

Our four-way volleyball net was designed with the physical education teacher in mind. With just a click of a button and detachment of poles you can easily set up your net to be men's (7'11"), women's (7'4"), or children's (5'6" height. This provides gym teachers and volleyball coaches with easy flexibility allowing them to use CROSSNET with both their younger and older students. 

Just recently Pulaski Middle School teacher Alyssa Serville shared with the New Britain Herald why she and her students love CROSSNET in their classroom. A few of our favorite quotes can be found below:

“I feel like it allows me to break down the sport more for students individually before we use a regulation net and set up a full game of volleyball,” Serville said. “It is also nice to have the CROSSNET set up on the side so students who are not playing in a regulation game can continue to practice until it is their time to play.”

"When there's six people on one side it feels like I can never get to the ball without running into someone else or having them take it away from me,” said Pulaski eight grader Alondra Arocho. “I like using the CROSSNET because I get more touches on the ball.”

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