Can CROSSNET be played indoors? Yes indoor CROSSNET! | CROSSNET

Can CROSSNET be played indoors? Yes indoor CROSSNET!

Perfect for gymnasium floors, pair these four fillable bases with our standard CROSSNET kit to play four square volleyball indoors. The bases can be filled with sand, water or concrete and attach to the steel tubes of the outdoor kit. 

What's included:

  • Four 27x16x6" water or sand fillable heavy-duty bases
  • Each base weighs 4.4lbs when empty and can hold 75lbs of sand or water
  • Designed for easy set up and break down
  • Used as a permanent indoor training tool for volleyball teams and classrooms
  • CROSSNET sold separately

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Are you a PE or gym teacher? We love working with schools. We do discounts for orders over 3. Find us in Flaghouse and Gopher.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask at

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Already have the crossnet love it. Would like to buy the base for indoor but didn’t see on the website how to get it by it self.

Rebecca Hand

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