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USAV x CROSSNET Inflatable Volleyball Net


We've teamed up with our good friends at USA Volleyball to create the best inflatable pool volleyball game of all time. Set up in seconds, this high quality net is built to last and will be a staple of your summer fun. Go out and play like the pros. 

Set includes:

  • Inflatable USAV x CROSSNET net
  • Inflatable volleyball
60-Day Warranty 60-Day Warranty
24-48 Hour Shipping 24-48 Hour Shipping
World's First World's First
Flawless Customer Service Flawless Customer Service

USAV x CROSSNET Inflatable Volleyball Net



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USAV x CROSSNET Inflatable Volleyball Net - CROSSNET

USAV x CROSSNET Inflatable Volleyball Net

Get the Essentials $219.96

four square volleyball

Best Pool Game of All Time

Get Everybody in the Water

Enjoyed in 100,000+ Households

Fits in Standard Pools

Easy to Setup And Play

What you'll need




11.5' x 11.5'

Match Duration

10 Min

Time to Setup

5 Min


Can You Reach Over the Net?

After making an attack hit, you are allowed to pass your hand beyond the net, but the contact must have been made within your own playing space.

How Do You Score?

A point can only be scored when serving from the 4th square. If the player in the 4th square does not get eliminated during a rally, they score a point. Only the 4th square can score a point.

How Do You Win?

The first player to score eleven points wins.  A player must win by two. 

How Many Touches Do You Have?

You only have one touch with your hands. After that, you are allowed to make contact with the ball with any other body part other than your hands (I.e. feet, head, knee, etc....feel free to get creative!)